Definition Of Factory Acceptance Testing

Performing a factory acceptance test is the responsibility of the equipment manufacturer. However, the requirement of FAT shall be specified in the scope document. Once the factory acceptance test is included in the project scope, there is no extra cost for the test.
definition of factory acceptance testing
For each analog output we can simulate a signal in the input and then check if the analog output changes based on what we expect in the PLC logic. By doing this, I am simulating a 2-wire transmitter connected to my analog input card. Now I can play with the simulator, change the input values and observe the changes on the output based on the PLC logic.

How to Write Test Cases and Test Scripts for QA Testing

Some tests may require additional testing or clarification of the testing methods. Under these conditions, additional comments will be documented in the deviation section of the FAT. Deviations are red-lined to be captured in final as-built drawings. Verify lines hold vacuum when fully assembled, record pressure at start and stop. This test is also conducted for 60 minutes to ensure the system meets the acceptance criteria.

  • Once all the modifications are corrected, the equipment is retested to find compliance with the requirements.
  • Create and follow a detailed “failure script.” 
    Make an inventory of the type of failures that you’ve experienced or might experience in production, as well as expected outcomes.
  • Explore real-world examples and case studies that highlight the impact of Factory Acceptance Testing on equipment reliability, production efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
  • This contributes to building trust between manufacturers and customers and supports quality assurance in the delivery of machines.
  • Exposed failures during the test are documented and the causes for the failures are also documented supported by essential actions to correct the failures.
  • FAT checklists must make provisions for verifying that motor models, serial numbers, and manufacturers meet standard specifications.

Operational acceptance testing reviews how a software product works. This type of testing ensures processes operate as expected and that staff can sufficiently use and maintain the system. Operational acceptance testing examines backups and disaster recovery, as well as maintainability, failover and security. Acceptance testing occurs after system tests, but before deployment.

Types of acceptance testing

During FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), the rotor response of every turbo-compressor rotor is measured during acceleration to maximum speed and deceleration to minimum speed. Values are plotted on the same coordinates as for the rotor response analysis. The plot of shaft vibration and phase angle of unbalance vs shaft speed is known as a BODE PLOT. The estimated costs for a key subsea equipment SIT are listed in Table 6-2. The cost for FAT testing is normally included in the equipment procurement cost. The cost of an EFAT, when needed, is normally negotiated between the vendor and the operator.
definition of factory acceptance testing
This scope is communicated with the customer upfront so that all expectations and requirements can be met. A successful acceptance testing with a properly identified target audience guarantees insightful feedback about ongoing issues and improvement opportunities of the system subject for testing. Describing the goals, scope, and details about the testing activities in a test plan streamlines the process and makes it more efficient. With acceptance testing, it is easier to find out if there are any bugs in the software before releasing it. Acceptance testing is important because it helps to reduce the number of defects in software.

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You can do acceptance testing in an automated manner, or manually. Also confirm motor classification meets specified class and division standards. Hydrostatic testing of pipelines ensures the overall integrity of the system. It is a leak testing method performed in all liquid and gas pipelines before the first content throughput. Integrated Flow Solutions is committed to providing clients with the most efficient and complete solutions for Air Quality, Power Generation, and O&G.

If you are a manufacturer looking for industrial equipment supplies, let our globally trusted experts assist you. DXP is one of the world’s leading global MRO industrial supply companies. Similar to a unit test, an acceptance test generally has a binary result, pass or fail.

The acceptance test suite is run using predefined acceptance test procedures to direct the testers which data to use, the step-by-step processes to follow and the expected result following execution. The actual results are retained for comparison with the expected results.[8] If the actual results match the expected results for each test case, the test case is said to pass. If the quantity of non-passing test cases does definition of factory acceptance testing not breach the project’s predetermined threshold, the test suite is said to pass. If it does, the system may either be rejected or accepted on conditions previously agreed between the sponsor and the manufacturer. Depending on your application, you may have different input and output cards for your PLC. For this PLC we have a digital input card, a digital output card, an analog input card, and an analog output card.
definition of factory acceptance testing
A number of different notations and approaches have been proposed for such examples or scenarios. In many cases, the aim is that it should be possible to automate the execution of such tests by a software tool, either ad-hoc to the development team or off the shelf. It often involves trialing a prototype product or one which has not yet been mass-produced for the consumer market.

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